On the Shelf(3)

Recommendations based on Philip Roth’s Nemesis, available at the Ostrow Library


The Law of Return:  Short Stories, by Maxine Rodburg.
PS3568.O3438 L29 1999x

Hymie and the Angel:  A Novel, by Norman Beim.
PS3552.E4224 H95 1998

Bring Us the Old People: A Novel, by Marisa Kantor Stark.
PS 3561.A517 B75 1998


Exit Ghost.
PS 3568 .O855 E95 2007

PS 3568 .O855 E94 2006

The Plot Against America.
PS3568.O855 P58 2004

The Human Stain.
PS3568.O855 H8 2001

The Dying Animal.
PS3568.O855 D95 2001

I Married a Communist.
PS 3568.O855 I18 1998

American Pastoral.
PS3568.O855 A77 1997

Sabbath’s Theater.
PS3568.O855 S23 1995


The Facts:  A Novelist’s Autobiography, by Philip Roth.
PS3568.O855 Z467 1988 

Patrimony:  A True Story, by Philip Roth.
PS3568.O855 Z468 1991

Reading Myself and Others, by Philip Roth.
PS3568.O855 Z52 1975

Philip Roth and the Jews, by Alan Cooper.
PS3568.O855 Z62 1996

The Treatment of Women in the Work of Three Contemporary Jewish-American writers:  Mailer, Bellow, and Roth, by Barbara Quart.
800.21 Q1t 1979

Playful and Serious:  Philip Roth as a Comic Writer, edited by Ben Siegel and Jay L. Halio.
PS3568.O855 Z843 2010

Diaspora and Zionism in Jewish American Literature:  Lazarus, Syrkin, Reznikoff, and Roth, by Ranen Omer-Sherman.
PN842 .O44 2002

How Newark Became Newark: The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of an American City, by Brad R. Tuttle [electronic resource].

The Jews of New Jersey:  A Pictorial History, by Patricia M. Ard and Michael Aaron Rockland.
F145.J5 A74 2002

God on the Starting Line:  The Triumph of a Catholic School Running Team and its Jewish Coach, by Marc Bloom.
GV1063.2.C62 B56 2007

Holocaust Testimonies:  European Survivors and American Liberators in New Jersey, edited by Joseph J. Preil.
D804.195 .H74 2001

Jewish Agricultural Colonies in New Jersey, 1882-1920, by Ellen Eisenberg.
F145.J5 E38 1995

The Land was Theirs:  Jewish Farmers in the Garden State, by Gertrude Wishnick Dubrovsky.
F145.J5 D83 1992

Jewish Personalities of Hudson County:  Graphic Portraits and Character Sketches, by Isaac Unterman.
F142.H8U5 1930

Paging New Jersey:  A Literary Guide to the Garden State, by James F. Broderick [electronic resource].

Poor Jews:  An American Awakening, by Naomi Levine and Martin Hochbaum.
E184.J5 L64

Hidden Survivors: Portraits of Poor Jews in America, by Thomas J. Cottle.
E184.J5 C67 1980


Paterson, by William Carlos Williams.
PS3545.I544 P32 1963

Journal of New Jersey Poets [electronic resource].


Philip Roth Studies [electronic resource].


Goodbye Columbus, based on the novella by Philip Roth.