Suggested Links

Online Jewish Texts

D.A.F. Dafyomi Central Headquartersprovides a list of Dafyomi resources available through email or on the Web. See

Hebrew Tanach, Mishnah, Tosefta, Talmud, and Mishneh Torah are found on the Israeli site, Snunit. These texts are searchable in Hebrew. See

Hebrew Poetry and information about Poets are found on the Israeli site, Snunit. Includes photographs. See

An Online Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tutor is hosted by Navigating the Bible II. Designed as an online tutor, this site includes Torah and Haftorah texts, translations, transliterations, and commentary. See

Online Tanakh in Hebrew and English. The Hebrew-English Bible according to the Masoretic Text and the JPS 1917 Edition may be found at the Mechon Mamre site. See

Internet Indexes

Directory of Web pages of Judaica archives and libraries. It lists over 100 Web sites in 18 countries. See

Jewish Virtual Library
The non-profit American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise (AICE) provides information on Jewish history and culture with more than 6,000 articles and 2,000 photographs and maps covering everything from anti-Semitism to Zionism. Includes bibliography of Web sites. See

Libdex - The Library Index
Worldwide directory of library homepages and Web-based Online Public Access Catalogs (OPACs). See

Librarians' Index to the Internet
Searchable subject guide to over 7000 Internet resources. Maintained by a team of librarians who select and evaluate resources for their reliability and usefulness. See

Open Directory Project
Open source Web directory and search engine which relies upon volunteer editors to produce an indexed body of Web resources. See

WWW Virtual Library
The VL is the "oldest catalog on the Web," run by a loose confederation of volunteers who compile pages of links for areas in which they are expert. See